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You Are Here: Home >> Laminating Machines >> All Brands & Makes Laminating Machines >> Akiles Laminating Machines >> Akiles Pro-Lam 100 - 4" Laminator by Akiles
Akiles Pro-Lam 100 - 4" Laminator by Akiles [Pro-Lam 100]
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Akiles Pro-Lam 100 - 4" Laminator by Akiles

The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 4" Pouch Laminator is a professional grade, heavy duty pouch laminator that is designed with high-quality electronic circuit boards that give you versatility and consistency for all your lamination applications. It is easy to adjust the Pro-Lam 100 to the right temperature and because it has an independent heat and motor control system so you dont have to worry about leaving it on between applications.

Technical Summary:
The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 is designed with extruded aluminum heat plates that help to ensure that every laminating application has consistent heat distribution. The four silicon rollers provide consistent feeding speeds and eliminate the need for a pouch carrier; although we do recommended using a pouch carrier with any 10-mil laminating pouch applications as this will help preserve the quality of the rollers and overall machine. The Pro-Lam 100 has a built-in electronic circuit board that gives you exact temperature adjustments, as well as a gradual temperature control that makes temperature adjustments easy when you change pouch thickness, composition, or if you need to laminate a different material.

The independent heat and motor switches allow you to leave the machine on standby for several hours without harming the motor in-between laminating applications; this eliminates the need to warm up the Pro-Lam 100 if you plan on laminating throughout the day. This laminator is built with a durable, heavy-duty motor that does not tire out or over-heat under extreme working conditions. It is built with steel gears to add strength and durability. It can laminate documents up to 4" wide and uses laminating pouches up to 10-mil thick, at speeds up to 24 per minute. It has a bi-metal temperature control that ranges between 230F-356F and takes approximately 3 minutes to warm up, at which point a LED display will blink.

Recommended For:
The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 is an ideal pouch laminator for offices that need a professional, heavy duty, efficient laminating machine for office, commercial or industrial applications. The Pro-Lam 100 is easy to use and is a durable laminating machine ideal for laminating card size documents, badges and other items up to 4 inches wide.

The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 is a professional grade 4" pouch laminator. If you are looking for a professional, heavy-duty, and efficient laminator, no other beats Akiles Pro-Lam. The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 includes extruded aluminum heat plates to help guarantee excellent and consistent heat distribution and uses four silicon rollers that eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a consistent feeding speeds. The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 has a built in electronic circuit board that allows for quick and exact temperature adjustments. Plus the Akiles Pro-Lam 100 has a gradual temperature control that allows for easy temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or when laminating different materials. The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 has independant Heat and Motor Switches allowing the machine to be left on standby for hours without depreciating the motor while eliminating the warm-up time when you need to laminate again. The Akiles Pro-Lam 100 has a heavy duty motor that does not get tired or over-heat even under the hardest working conditions. It includes steel gears for added strength and durability and is made to last. The Akiles Pro-Lam is one of the easiest to use laminators on the market and doesn't require a pouch carrier (carriers are recomended when using 10mil pouches).

Width Capacity: 4"
Speed: 0.4" per second (24" per minute)
Laminating Temperature Range: 230 F - 356 F
Temperature Control: Bimetal
Dimensions: 11.8" x 8.6" x 4.06"
Weight: 12lbs
Cover: Metal
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Laminates items up to 4" wide
Accommodates laminating pouches up to 10 mil thick
Gradual temperature control allows an easy temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or laminating different materials
Extruded aluminum heat plates guarantee a good and consistent heat distribution
Four silicon rollers eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a constant feeding speed
Built-in electronic circuit board allows quick and exact temperature adjustments
Independent heat and motor switch allows the machine to be left on stand-by (heat ready) for hours without depreciating the motor, while eliminating the warm-up time when you need to laminate again
Heavy-duty motor does not get tired or over-heat, even under the hardest working conditions
Steel gears guarantee strength and durability
It laminates with or without a carrier (we recommend the employment of carriers only when using 10mil (4/6) pouches).
With its heavy-duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers, metal cover, etc., the Pro-Lam is made to last

Pouch laminators offer a way to protect and preserve what's important, even if it's small. One device that was designed for small documents is the Akiles Pro-Lam 100. Here are its strengths, as well as its weaknesses, so you can see what it is - and isn't - capable of.


The Pro-Lam 100 is a machine that was designed with small documents in mind. Its feed opening is 4 inches wide and is ideal for index cards, name tags, and other small items.

This device has the ability to laminate quickly. It can process up to 24 inches of material in one minute so you can finish things up and move on to other tasks.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that this device is on the small size. It only weighs 12 pounds and has dimensions of 11.8" (width) x 8.6" (depth) x 4.06" (length). You should be able to find a place for it easily as well as move it without any problems.

You can be confident that everything you laminate with the Pro-Lam 100 will look fantastic. That's because it has aluminum heat plates and four rollers for adequate and precise heat distribution. This prevents heat marks and bubbles from marring your work.

This machine's motor is perfect for heavy-duty use. That's because it can be used as well as remain on for hours in standby mode and not overheat. Also, leaving it on will eliminate the need to let it warm up so you can get things done faster.

You'll find it easy to use this laminator. All the controls are clearly labeled and are on the front of the device. You can begin using it immediately even if this is your first time laminating. If you need some help, the operating instructions are printed on the back.

The Pro-Lam 100 has a metal casing so you can be sure this device is well-made. It's strong enough to handle years of use but it does come with a one-year warranty just in case something goes wrong.


This machine operates at temperatures ranging from 230 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no cold setting, so make sure you don't laminate any heat-sensitive documents including photographs.

Like a lot of laminators these days, the Pro-Lam 100 can be used without a carrier. However, doing so may result in the interior of the device getting coated with excess adhesive.

Finally, this device can't be used to laminate items that are more than 4 inches wide. If you need to work with larger documents, you should look at another device such as the Akiles ProLam 230 which has a 9-inch feed opening.

Despite being small, the Akiles Pro-Lam 100 really packs a punch. It has a lot of features that you'd expect a larger device to have, such as the heavy-duty motor and four rollers. But even though it has advanced features, it's still easy to use even for beginners. You'll just need to be sure the feed opening is wide enough for your documents and that you don't need a cold setting. Otherwise, the Pro-Lam 100 is an excellent laminator you should take a look at.

Akiles Pro-Lam 100 4" Pouch Laminator
Laminator Type Pouch
Max Laminating Width 4"
Max Laminating Film Thickness 10 mil
Rollers Number 4
Speed per Document 0.4 Seconds
Temp 230 - 356
Adjustable Temp Yes
Adjustable Speed No
Reverse Switch No
Hot Yes
Cold No
Mounting No
Encapsulating No
One Sided No
Roller Yes
Hot Plate Yes
volts 110
Carrier Free Yes
Color Foil No
Dimensions 11 4/5" x 8 3/5" x 4 1/16"
Shipping Weight 12 lbs
Mfg List Price $249.99

Akiles Pro-Lam 100 - 4" Laminator by Akiles
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